About Us

Launching the Laughter Yoga School Manchester and Central UK, a group of Laughter Yoga University professionals.  Part of Feelgood Communities CIC.

In October 2016, Dr Kataria gave the go-ahead for us to set up the Laughter Yoga School Manchester.   This is the first UK city based school.  Our catchment area is  Manchester and central UK.

The Concept

The Laughter Yoga University (LYU) was set up by Dr Madan Kataria, the creator of Laughter Yoga. It doesn’t yet have a dedicated physical building, but is a concept that is focused on his headquarters in India.   People around the world are using the name Laughter Yoga to spread laughter and happiness and peace..

When Dr Kataria visited Manchester in 2014, we discussed what might be involved in having a city based branch of his LYU.  Building on these ideas, Dr Kataria has given us permission to set up a branch in Manchester and our primary location is The Wonder Inn in the centre of Manchester.  Because of restrictions on the use of the word University in the UK, we are calling this the Laughter Yoga School.


There will be three terms: spring, summer and autumn.

Initially there will be at least one weekend based training / day workshops per month.  These can include:

  • Laughter Yoga Leader 2-day training
  • Laughter and The Body 2 day training
  • Laughter and Spirituality 1 day workshop
  • Gibberish 1 day training
  • Laughter, Gibberish and Creating a Play 2-day training
  • Laughter Facilitation Skills 2 day training
  • Laughter and Play 1 day workshop 
  • Joyful Workplaces 1 day training.

Also during the first year we will run a Laughter Yoga Club.   We will start with monthly meetings.

As a centre for Central UK, we will host gatherings of local Laughter Yoga leaders and laughter professionals each term as networking and sharing events.

We will also host corporate away days and training workshops.

Teachers and Leaders

The Laughter Yoga School Manchester has been set up by Laughter Ambassador Robin Graham.  We are building a team of teachers and leaders.